5000m. new WR (3" CD) 2001. Antifrost "extreme sound souvenirs series" vol.2 |afro 2008|

released : May 2001


5000m. New WR is the second album of Greek conceptualist as11.
After last year's debut album "00:00" where he documented the change from the year 1999 to the year 2000 on a round- the-globe collage, on 5000m new WR, as11 simulates an one-man 5000m. race. Just the man against the clock. A sonic race with a frenetic rhythm in order to brake the world record for the distance established by Ethiopia´s Haile Gebereselassie clocking at 12'39"36.
An amateur long distance runner himself, as11 exhibits his ability in constructing organized atmospheres with his particular view of the duality agony-tranquility.

recorded and mixed at studio Tallers, Barcelona.

produced by as11 and ilios

design: dima


This little disc could be one of the most conceptual releases I have EVER stumbled upon..I've come back to this one often over the past few weeks, which surprises me a great deal, as 5000m New WR is compelling for reasons I just can't fathom and it's all over in seventeen gloriously minimal minutes.. Vital Weekly

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