suffer / enjoy (CD) 2002. Antifrost |afro 2014|

released : October 2002



in order of appearance:

francisco lopez,
zbigniew karkowski,
utah kawasaki,
philip samartzis,
ami yoshida,
jason kahn,
kim cascone,

all suffer / enjoy a peculiar cutoff.
Antifrost invited them to create a piece, the only restriction was to work in a limited bandwidth of 200hz.

Some notes on the cd:
The challenge to restrict oneself's sound palette to a maximum bandwidth of 200hz was welcomed by all artists, but after a while and after some masters were returned to the artists as not meeting the only standard, it became obvious that this strange discipline was an interesting confrontation for everyone and the result you are listening to, is the proof of that.
At the same time the question was not only how to work in this limit but also which limit to use. Some of the artists found refuge in the low frequencies which provide a richer palette, but the truth is that at the end, a big part of the sound spectrum was used in these eleven fragments and -mathematics apart - risks were taken by everyone in the effort to seek dynamism in no man's land.
Still, the sound professionals that might listen to this work will find that some tracks have overtones and thus not operate in the 200hz bandwidth standard.
We want to be clear on this: This is not a tonal experiment for studio users, nor a tool for frequency analysis but a flow of sound which needs no reference to technical, procedural or conceptual levels.
Listeners should listen to this work freed of the technical aspects of it.
However, since "suffer / enjoy" is a project where all the artists, work around a common axis, Antifrost feels obliged to include here the frequency range chosen by each artist and other data such as track titles and credits.

Tracklist: (in parenthesis, frequency range)

01.(0-200) "untitled#131 "- francisco lopez
02.(0-200) "forces of nature " - pg -13
03 .(11-211) - zbigniew karkowski
04.(110-310) "amymoni" - coti
05.(0-200) - utah kawasaki
06.(490-690) - ilios
07.(991-1191) - as11
08.(1599-1799) - philip samartzis
09.(2098-2298) - ami yoshida
10.(14000-14200) - jason kahn
11.(17000-17002) "ultraSonic beat frequency meter test" - kim cascone



francisco lópez is from spain. lives in madrid, spain
pg-13 (aka i.d) is from japan. lives in tokyo, japan
zbigniew karkowski is from poland. lives in tokyo, japan
coti is from greece. lives in athens, greece.
utah kawasaki is from japan. lives in tokyo, japan.
ilios is from greece. lives in barcelona, spain.
as11 is from greece. lives in athens, greece.
philip samartzis is from australia. lives in melbourne, australia
ami yoshida is from japan. lives in tokyo, japan.
jason kahn is from usa. lives in zurich, switzerland
kim cascone is from usa. lives in san francisco, usa


antifrost would like to thank the following people for making this project possible:

shunichiro okada, ami yoshida, utah kawasaki, dj gramofonove, antonis, kima-bo, philip samartzis, zbigniew karkowski, francisco lópez, jason kahn, kim cascone


...Un plaisir masochiste... Jade (FR)

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