daniel menche


skadha (CD) 2004 Antifrost |afro 2023|

released April 2004



Sounds compiled and scathed fall and winter of 2003 at "House of Menche"
and mixed and mastered at Private Studio Recordings,Portland.

Cover illustration by Erik Stotik

Very special gratitude to- Dimitris Kariofillis, Timothy Stollenwerk,Scott Konzelmann, Francisco Lopez, Kiyoshi Mizutani,
RandyYau, Damion Romero, Gary Worsly, Carl Farrow Erik Hofman, David Philips Scott Afford, Naut Humon, The yellow swans and Honey and Mark at Club Dunes.


"..this release confirms once and for all that his trip to excellence has reached its destination" Touching Extremes (ITA)

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