Xabier Erkizia


Entresol (CD) 2004 Antifrost |afro 2026|

released :December 2004

Entresol ( if translated freely from Catalan could mean something like: between 2 floors). Erkizia’s compositions tend to stick in the intermediate point, not accenting the limits but looking for the sounds in between the sounds that sometimes we are not even capable to hear. the 3 compositions maintain themselves in this point in between and they give form one to each other.


2. entresol II (argi soinuak)

3.entresol III

recorded and edited in bera and buenos aires.
last mixes at mik studios, bera

zuek badakizue nor zareten eta zenbat egin duzuen eskerrik asko



If, however, you need some bright chirpy techno to accompany the alcohol-free party you're throwing to celebrate your 17 year old sister's passing her driving test, you'd better leave this one well alone. Pass the Brennevin, motherfucker.—Dan Warburton -Paris Transaltlantic

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