francisco lópez / ILIOS


Hysechasterion (CD) 2006 Antifrost |afro 2037|

released :November 2006

limited edition 500 numbered copies

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Parallel sets of original source environmental recordings done by ILIOS and Francisco
López at Mount Athos (Greece), at the monasteries of St. Paul, Gregoriou, Dionysiou,
the Major skete of St.Anne and the rocky hills of Katounakia in November 2004.

"hysechasterion - ILIOS" assembled in San Francisco and Barcelona during 2005-6
"hysechasterion -fl" created at Mobile Messor (Berlin, Rome, New York, Montreal, Madrid) during 2006

NOTE: there is a minor printing error in the artwork of the current edition.

The correct order of the tracks is:

1. Hysechasterion ILIOS 29.17
2. Hysechasterion fl 36.15