Alice Hui Sheng Chang


When she ws asleep (cassette) 2011 Antifrost |afro 2053|


released: September 2011 edition 50 copies

27 minutes total running time.

She stood under it, a large beautiful plain high up, green, like a tree, flat and wide on the top, with the shape and texture of a mushroom. The sky was bright. She hung herself upwards arm after arm from the stem, but she could never reach it. The plain grew taller and further away as she softened

I gave her a ride home on a scooter. Half way up the mountain, she said she had lost track of where her home was. She directed me to wander around the cemetery in the hills. The night got cooler and darkened every round we turned. I tried to measure her weight behind me to judge the reality of her presence

She visited the gaol for her man – he was a large man with a stoop. He was hiding. She decided to hold an upper-class wedding right there and then, in the floating chapel attached to the gaol. The chapel was filled with pale flowers. He was fitted with a white suit. She had a very beautiful smile

I was followed, by an essence. She was the flowers, and a deep loneliness. The sorrow was weighty. The essence spread fast to everyone around me. We gathered and cremated everything with pollen so she could no longer linger. We stood in silence smelling the fire, and were filled with her sorrow even more




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