Zo Rèl Do (CD) 2014 Antifrost |afro 2064|

release date : May 2014 Edition of 500 copies

Zo Rèl Do (LP) 2014 Antifrost |afro 2063|

release date : July 2014 Edition of 450 copies

Zo Rèl Do is the first volume of a trilogy that explores the sounds of the geographical area between 34°Ν - 42°Ν & 19°Ε - 29°Ε.
In this new adventure Mohammad further enrich their monolithic, resonant and deep-dark melodic sound with rhythmic shreds, seismic vibrations that echoes past and future rituals.
Volume 2 entitled Lamnè Gastama  and Volume 3 Segondè Saleco will be released later in 2014 - early 2015.





Zo Rèl Do

CD track order

Urso Nesto
Kabilar Mace  
Kounye A Zwazo Yo 

LP track order

A1 Urso Nesto/ Grabe 
A2 Kabilar Mace 
B1 Marik 
B2 Kounye A Zwazo Yo 
B3 Samarina/Sigal



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