Freez Dead (CD) 1999. Antifrost |afro B301| attention: this is POP music!

released : May 1999 limited edition of 300 copies.


"Freeze Dead" is the first (and only up to date) approach of Ilios to pop music and songs

After listening for a few months solely japanese and greek folk and pop songs, Ilios decided to take a break in their current work and concentrate on the concept: song. Incorporating H.K fom Japan in the line up who provided singing in both Japanese and Greek, "freeze dead" is the pop ghost of Ilios. Kenji Sawada meets Manolis Aggelopoulos.

processed in studio Stangade, Treviso, Italy, studio Consell, Barcelona, Spain and studio C&C, Athens Greece.

produced by Ilios in collaboration with 50 club.