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"skadha" (CD) March 2004 Antifrost |afro2023| - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

TOUCHING EXTREMES (IT) Menche is a sonic scavenger who's able to present evolution through the analysis of electroacoustic spare materials. Manipulating all sorts of frequencies to a paralyzing effect, Daniel's approach in "Skadha" is another look to the ever changing midstreams generated by tormenting crunchy discharges mixed in a magmatic liquid of educated noise. Low vibrations bicker with masses upon masses of growing tension, lulling the body to the point of total indifference to what's happening nearby: I was enshrouded by a crusty cloth of chemical substances in acousmatic camouflage yet completely irradiated by Menche's face-slapping transients. Even at low volume ears are thoroughly solicited all the way, so that the dynamics' changes get their maximum impact on each one of your sensible organs. Self complacence has always been out of the question in this artist's career but - without a doubt - this release confirms once and for all that his trip to excellence has reached its destination - and the guy is probably looking at the map to see where he's going next.

DE-BUG(GER) Daniel Menches neue CD klingt von allen seinen Veroffentlichungen am Meisten elektronosch. Elektronik ist hier gleich Intensitat, Spannung und Immer wieder als Kreislauf von Anziehung und Abstossung klitzekleiner Teilchen, die zuerst ruhig Und dann aufgeregt durch den Raum schwirren und sich gerne mal als Energie immer Genau dann noch gerade rechtzeitig entlaedt, bevor einem das sich uber mehrere Minuten angestaute Geschwulst aus Soundpartikeln in einer lauten Explosion um die Ohren fliegt. Das nennt man dann wohl einen funktionierenden Kreislauf; vor allem Aber auch perfekte Balance zwichen Harmonie und Chaos

CHAINDLK (IT) Active since 1993 Daniel Menche releases on Antifrost his new album titled SKADHA. The album title means "scathe" in old Norse and it contains five new tracks. Daniel has a very raw approach to sounds and the tracks you can find on this CD are the evidence of his physical approach to music. The tracks are pure noise compacted into primitive pulses which could provoke a sort of love/hate effect on most of the audiences. His performance as well as his recordings seems to be based most on the effect that on the meaning. Before his performances he checks the distance between the audience and the speakers just to be aware of the effect he can obtain on the listeners. Listening to this CD trying to find an explanation or trying to enjoy these sounds could be the wrong approach. It seems that these tracks are there only because they had to be there and Daniel didn't made them with the intent of provoking. These are rough sounds of various nature and they are made because: "Music is like ones own blood - so amplify it! As loud as possible - make the speakers bleed!" Maurizio Pustianaz

SANDS-ZINE (IT) Torna Daniel Menche ad un anno di distanza dal precedente “Invoker” sempre sulla label greca Antifrost e non cambia di una virgola il suo controso stile. Cinque nuovi pezzi che monoliticamente si trascinano lungo lande deserte dove il rumore di fondo e prossimo al rombo del tuono.Suoni che lentamente si sovrappongono creando immense e poco rassicuranti visioni di palazzi in rovina.Ad un passo dall’industrial vecchio stampo del quale sicuramente eredita lo spirito ggressivo senza compromessi ed in parte figlio delle variabili più deragliate di certa scuola minimal techno letale (i primi Pan Sonic quando ancora c’era la a nel ome?). Mirabile in tal senso il primo brano che fra sinistri scricchiolii digitali avanza acquatico per poi esibire un’apertura con battuta covante che successivamente si tramuta in melodia quasi evocante prossime disatrose catastrofi naturali e chiude materializzando una fragorosa mareggiata noise senza possibilità di scampo. Mirabile!
Muri elettronici apparentemente inaccessibili vengono costantemente eretti e poi abbattuti in un gioco di progressivi incastri sonori che sorprendentemente riescono anche a sviluppare una ammirevole propensione comunicativa spesso non riscontrabile altrove.Pulsazioni primitive profonde in un approccio fisico che lascia basiti per la capacità di contrapporre attimi di stasi catatonici a rovinosi scatti nervosi.Provoca un’insana voglia di alzare il volume finche le casse non si fondano in un unico blocco sintetico. Cupa scultura sonora…..
Marco Carcasi

VITAL (NL) More and more new Daniel Menche releases coming our way. His come-back is a fact, I think. It seems, so I'm told, that this new work is Menche's most 'electronic work' to date. Until now the physical element of generating sound (rubbing salt against the body, picking up with contact microphones for instance) was an important feature for him, but here indeed it sounds all much more electronic. I can't define this as 'analogue' or 'digital', but I think it's a mixture of both. Analogue generated sounds which are processed further in the computer. It certainly is not a standard Menche work, and I must admit I had some troubles with it. The length of the pieces for instance. Some of these tracks seemed quite long without too much development or too many dynamics. Noise peaks are generated but then stay inside in there and do not take the material elsewhere. The physical approach of Menche which makes his music so identical for him is not present here, and this can be too easily mistaken for a CD by some other artist. In the fifth track, the shortest here present, Menche shows an interesting built up in the piece, dynamics are present and the element of noise music is also a factor of importance. It would have been good if Menche followed that line more. (FdW)

de -TIJD(NL) In tien jaar tijd makkte de Amerikaan Daniel faam als een accuraat noisedichter. Accuraat: op het vormvrije, chaotische terrain van extreme lage en hoge klanken zet hij zeer ritmische velden uit. Net als Pan Sonic wet hij met schaarse middelen eenzeflde spannings-boog neer te zetten. Menches elektronische material is een mengeling van lichaamsfuncties, veldopnames en geluiden van kapotte microfooons en luidsprekers. Hij bespeelt het spectrum van de grootste zoemtoon tot de kleinste klikkorel om drama op te bouwen, om te iontroeren of te irriteren, kortom: om zijn verhalen te vertellen. Skadha – oud Noors voor schade – is ontegensprekelijk zijn sterkste werk tot vandaag. Op het eerste gehoor klinkt Menches album als een geigerteller die een terrain vol radioactief afval scant. Uit het geknetter, gezoem en geknars duiken echter melodieen, ritmes en akkorden op. De toon van de vijf lange nummers, goed voor hasst zeventig minuten, is donker tot agressief. Soms spint de componist/ muzikant zijn mummers iets te lang uit, maar dat kan de spanning niet breken

"invoker" (CD) June 2003 Antifrost |afro2016| - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


BRAINWASHED (USA) The continuing spiritual decline of the Western World and the Kharmic Repercussions of Tory B. Liar and his deathsucking corporate lap-poodle trips into repressive homogeneity spell one thing for the un-United Kingdom. DOOM. However, two hundred years ago many would have called the fact that a shining disc with the power to summon demons had flown all the way from Deutschland to help me out MAGIC. Daniel Menche is obviously on a path far out from the vapid mediocrity of the pathetic drivel that passes for much of Western Culture. He styles himself as an Eastern Warrior living in the West. I will now style him the Ultimate Grand Master of Noise. This one disc is worth a million Merboxes. The purpose of Invoker is to summon demons and it works. Beware that this is a dangerous trip and unless you can call on powerful spirits to guide you, you might unleash horrific consequences for your soul. Luckily I had the help and guidance of the Eternal Spirit of William S. Burroughs to show me how to fold the demons into a New Reality. You might not be so fortunate and this is no path for the weak willed or trendy dabbler in noise. It makes Coil's Themes for Hellraiser sound like the bleedin' Theme for the Magic Roundabout in comparison and that's not a put down delivered lightly. Do not even think about listening to this unless you are able to direct Total Nightmare Encounters and use them to your advantage, and the greater advantage of the struggle to stop the farcical tragedy that the megalomaniac fools who think they can crush and control the human will are intent on provoking. All hell is breaking loose..(Graeme Rowland)

ABSURD (GR) cd was a pleasant surprise for me! I’ve been fan of daniel’s music for long, especially the mid 90’s that he outbreaked some of his first and truly stunning releases such as “incineration”, “legions in the walls”, or the epic “static burn” back then setting the more “organic noise” scene which unfortunately reached its limits rather soonish I think. till a point daniel kept on doing intense noisy releases when since his “rusty ghosts” 2x7” on ant zen started a change in his sound, becoming a more subtle ambient realm which wasn’t bad but can’t say it was the one that really blasting me. reminded me a lot of a more subtle hafler trio like ambience. I guess “invoker” though shows a change in daniel’s recordings route, intense dronelike ambiences are reigning again in a cd that will definitely become a fave on your cd player. What is really stunning in here is that whereas nearly all of the last works of daniel seemed to be in almost the same mood/atmosphere, over here the 3 pieces sound almost different in shape & approach that makes it to be the key that makes this cd sound so lovingly beautiful. an intense moment which has to be experienced!

VITAL (NL) 'Invoker'"inspired by the afe old ancient practice of sound being used to call upon higher dieties for strength and guidance and how mankind continues to use sound as an "invoker" in modern times". Three lenghty pieces, totally over sixty minutes (I don't have the titles of the pieces here). It's hard to discuss 'Invoker' in the light of its predecessors, but I must say, I was quite pleased with sound. Only the third piece seems to hark the inspiration from his older noise work, the other two are more dark ambient pieces. Daniel Menche uses contact microphones and real microphones to record sound (I remember a concert where he amplified rubbing salt on his body), but besides he uses so many sound effects, that the original sources aren't to be recognized again. For some people that may be a problem, that it is loaded with an overkill of sound effects, but especially in the first two pieces, Menche reaches an intense level of atmospheric sound. Introspective and contemplative. Menche might no longer be the young and rising star, he still knows his tricks well.(FdW)

MUSIC CLUB (I) Ogni uscita di Daniel Menche si porta appresso il bagaglio storico di cultura industriale, che il musicista statunitense ha contribuito a definire, almeno per gli aspetti inerenti il noise, di cui e uno dei massimi rappresentati, oltre che uno dei piu avanguardisti. L'album evidenzia la sua capacit? nel plasmare la materia rumorosa tenendosi sempre a debita distanza dalle ripetizioni e massificazioni che il genere ha palesato in parecchi suoi adepti e rifiutando di basare i propri pezzi sull?infinita (e spesso inappropriata) iterazione di muri elettronici inaccessibili. I tre lunghi brani che popolano "Invoker" hanno invece la pretesa di giungere poco alla volta, mattone dopo mattone, all?epilogo di ciascuna traccia. Ecco quindi che, per mezzo di addizioni successive (a volte minimali) e di sovrapposizioni di layer musicali, il percorso compositivo di Daniel Menche ci mostra quali sono i passi da seguire al fine di creare un insieme, continuamente cangiante, crescente (in intensita) e ossessionante, di magma industriale, tendente al dark ambient sotterraneo. Tale modo di operare ? stato poi applicato alle teorie che sottendono il disco, ispirato alle antiche pratiche di utilizzo del suono quale mezzo per invocare le divinita, contrapposte a quelle moderne, che pero si prefiggono scopi ben diversi e meno nobili. Ineccepibile! Roberto Michieletto

OCTOPUS (FR) Daniel Menche semble chercher avec Invoker la part de lumiere dans le radicalisme de ses habituels assauts soniques. Il rend ici hommage aux pratiques anciennes utilisant le son comme moyen de communication avec les esprits. A mi-chemin entre les grondements telluriques ou les trepidations cardiaques de Thomas Koner et les masses charnelles de Merzbow, la moise music determinee et concise declinee sur Invoker plonge aussi vers une dark ambient introspective
et contemplative, cree une atmosphere dense, peut etre plus proche des sons microscopiques qui sont ses sources principales, bien que tres amplifiees

FAKE (NL) Volgens het persbericht probeert Menche de hogere goden op te roepen met zijn elektronische creaties. Hij doet dat met een mid-hoog insectengesis,
dat soms in drie variaties tegelijk op je af komt. Of met een gitaarachtige ?strum?, denk aan een kampvuurgitarist met over de snaren rinkelende paperclip-kettingen. Maar de hoofdrol is weggelegd voor de lage geluiden: daarin zit de meeste variatie. Van woestijnwind tot een zoemend reclamevliegtuigje, en hier en daar een verdwaalde ordinaire beat. In het oude Zuid-Amerika werden de Goden verklankt in de basdrum. Je moet er op letten, anders ontgaat het je. Rt

REMOTE INDUCTION (UK) invoker is a 3 track CD from the american noise musician daniel menche. as far as i can determine the 3 tracks are untitled, and the running time of the disc is just over 60 minutes. as with other recent releases it isn't entirely true that this is a noise release, verging towards more of a lasting drone sound than total noise. the release is, to some degree, intended to act as an invocation - perhaps of a mood, or perhaps of something more esoteric? regardless menche's releases do on the whole tend to invoke a sense of mood, his sound being textured and atmospheric, so that with this release he remains one of the "noise" musicians that i appreciate the most. invoker is released by the greek extreme sound label anti-frost in a card sleeve, with a black sun outline on the outside, and a more exagerated sun image on the inside panel. PTR

BAD ALCHEMY (D) "Bestechen" darf man bei Daniel Menche's Invoker sogar wortlich nehmen. Mit nadelspitzer, kristalliner Schaerfe perforiert er die Trommelfelle, eisige Partikel brennen auf der Haut. Darunter liegt ein monotoner, fast menschlicher Puls. Das Droehnen wird immer aggressiver, schaerfer, ein orkanartiges Prasseln und Brausen, das Noisepartikel wie Hagelkoerner gegen die Waende schleudert. In der harschen Koernigkeit der Laermschauer erkennt man das Markenzeichen dieses Neo-Bruitisten. Umso auffaelliger wirkt daher im zweiten Teil dieses Triptychons eine gewisse metallische Transaparenz. Eingehúllt von
einer Droehnwolke, mischt sich ein sonores, drahtiges Sirren mit einem messinghellen Klimpern und erneut zunehmend spitzem. heisskaltem Stechen, eine monochrome Polyphonie, die sich erst nach 23 minuten in einen dunklen Brummton auflóst und ganz allmáhlich in noch abyssmalere Basstiefen abtaucht. der dritte Part peitscht als Sandsturm ums Haus, spatlet sich dann aber in einen subsonichen Basspuls und stotterndes Geprassel, das wiederum von einem fedemden Stampfen, unregelmássgem Schútteln und mahlendem Rumoren überlagert wird. Man kann die soziale Brisanz dieser brutistischen Spátgeburten bezweifeln, nicht aber die áshtetische Konsequenz, mit der Menche diesem Sektor operiert.

ZINNOBER (DE) ZINNOBER foerdete in Gestalt von SP schon immer DANIEL MENCHE, mit wird das konsequent weitergehen, der Mann ist einfach zu sehr eine Ausnahmeerscheinung in dem Feld "experimentelle-Ambient Musik", um ihm nicht Anerkennung zu zollen, geschweige denn zu ubersehen. Die Idee hinter "Invoker" ist nun, wie unschwer zu erraten, Klange zur Invokation der Goetterwelt zu benutzen, laut Beipackzettel speziell solche,die einem Schutz und kriegerisch verstandene Staerke verleihen. Wir haben es hier also mit einem echten Hilfsmittel fur moderne Krieger zu tun dabei ist es Menche sicherlich egal, ob es sich um irgendwelche Einzelkampfer, vergeistigte Kshatriyas oder doch nur un ein paar einsame Herzen handelt, die sich, Robert De Niro gleich allabendlich mit ihrem Spiegel- bild
anlegen. Hauptasche es richtet auf, und genau das tut "Invoker". Zu hoeren sind drei lange Stucke, besonders die ersten beiden haben es in sich. Ich habe nun leider keine Ahnung, welchen Stellenwert dieses Album in seinem Gesamtwerk inne haben koennte. Nicht, weil ich nichts kennen wuerde, sondern weil sich das meist danach richtet, in welcher Reihenfolge man welche Werke kennen gelernt hat, und das ist naturlich individuell verschieden, Wichtig ist allein: Jeder Haushalt sollte zumindest einen Menche Tontraeger besitzen, warum also nicht diesen, man bedenke die spannende Thematik. Ob Menche sammelwuerdig ist? Nin, sein Stil ist gefunden und absolut unweweschelbar, von daher eher nein, aber angesichts der Tatsache, dass es ja nicht wenige MUSLIMGAUZE, AUBE oder MERZBOW Sammler gibt, ware auch ein Daniel Menche allemal, "sammewuerig". Fur Nicht Kenner bleibt mir nur uebrig, SP mit seinen uberaus treffenden Worten aus
ZINNOBER # 5 zu zitieren: "Es brodelt, es grollt, es explodiert, es schreit und es ist furchtbar dunlek" ... Ja, und die "Urangste" werden auch wieder geweckt, hier aber
auf eine konfrontierende Weise, so dass man anschliessend in der Tat reif fur den Kampf ist. Menche ware in ZINNOBER schon langst interviewt worden, hatte er nicht die seltsame Eigenart, sich nur in Fitness studio interviewen zu lassen. Unglucklicherweise zieht es unseren rasenden Reporter MARKUS WOLFF trotz voelkischer Sportsmentalitaet und Nudisten - Vergagenheit dort gar nicht hin, aber mal schauen (Dominik Tischleder)


GONZO CIRCUS (B) De meester van de organische noise zoekt zijn heil niet langer op zijn eigen lichaam (het beeld van Menche die via reanimatieapparatuur) zijn strottenhoofd met elektriciteit bewerkt zal me eeeuwig bijblijven) maar in ondergrondse en bovenaardse sferen.
De drie tracks op deze cd documenteren een Westerse krijger met Oosterse sympathieen, die met geluid een goddelijke tussenkomst tracht uit te loken.We hebben het raden naar het bronnenmateriaal mmar we detecteren ritmische ultrabassen, contrasterend met scherpe elektronische manipulaties en econtrololeerde noise.
In het tweede gedeelete lijkt het element metaal (een ijzerdraad?) een grotere rol te spelen en in de finale grijpt Menche terug nnar zijn verleden met pompende en
schrapende organische noise, die prettige herinneringen oproept aan de Soleilmoon-preriode (tip: "Static Burn"-cd) van deze spirituale soldaat (pv)