francisco lópez


"Absolute" sound creator born in Spain. Vast discography, extended touring.

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Released works on Antifrost:

Hysechasterion with ILIOS (CD) 2006. Antifrost |afro 2037|

Untitled #150 (CD) 2004. Antifrost |afro2022|

Knowing when to not know with Joe Colley (3" CD) 2001. Antifrost |afro 2009| read reviews

R on ILIOS's "Encyclopedia-RW" 2004. Antifrost |afro 2024| read reviews

Untitled #142 on Void (CD)compilation 2003. Antifrost |afro2019| read reviews

Untitled #131 on suffer / enjoy (CD)compilation 2002. Antifrost |afro2014| read reviews